New @ Rebel: Tool Tips

Every week, we're highlighting some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're sharing the benefits of helper text and tooltips.

If you see a search input on a website you understand what to do immediately. You type in your search term, press enter, and expect your results.

If you see a search input in an email, however, you understand that it is not a true search. In a static experience, it is a CTA that will take you out of the inbox and to the search input on the website.

Interactivity brings the web experience to the inbox, but subscribers have been trained to believe that email elements are image buttons that lead to the website!

One way to train subscribers to interact with an email's expanded functionality is through a tooltip.

A tooltip is a message that appears when a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, or other element in a graphical user interface.

Tooltips boost interaction rate by 20%-60%. Add tooltips to your Rebel email with copy, CSS animation, or gifs.


Use visible, well placed instructional copy to call out interactive elements. This brand uses the image of hotspot in the header.


Animation & Gifs


The animation above the search box clarifies that the element is actionable.


You can use text and imagery as tooltips. Bring your personality to the experience!

Remember that email has been static for about 20 years. Subscribers are going to need a little hand holding to acclimate to the new status quo.