Introducing Rebelmail Modules: Quiz

Up until January 2016, our modules were creations that lived in our top secret email laboratory. For almost a year now, they’ve been out in the wild. Whether it’s a promotion hidden in an in-email game or the ability to add a new product to cart without leaving the inbox, our clients are deploying interactive emails through the Rebelmail API and builder.

Working with brands to deliver unique experiences to subscribers has taught us about each Rebelmail module. What are the best use cases? How do subscribers interact with the module? How do brands gain the most value from the module?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to introduce and share our learnings on each Rebelmail module right here on the blog—starting with the quiz.

We hope showing you our insights into the modules will help you further engage your audience and drive conversions.

Performance and Best Practices

The quiz module began with a suggestion from a client. A travel company wanted something fun to engage subscribers who had not interacted with the brand recently, something that would keep them in the email and get them excited about different locations. They wanted a module that would encourage the subscriber to act and inspire them to contact a host and plan a trip!

We decided a quiz asking subscribers to guess the location based on an image would be a fun way to feature places to stay around the world.

By allowing subscribers to interact with the content, we’ve increased their desire to learn more about the featured locations.

The module was a success! We saw a high interaction rate. Around 6% of subscribers who received the interactive version of the email engaged with the quiz. Through testing, we also discovered that subscribers who interacted with the quiz module typically completed all three questions.

Most importantly for the client, we saw that that the quiz module increased CTOR by 17% compared to the static version of this email.

Static version:

Quiz Functionality

  • The quiz allows for multiple questions with answers presented as radio buttons

  • The quiz allows for correct and incorrect answers

  • The module features an image placed on the left of the questions. We’ve learned that content impacts the interaction rate of the module. For example, if a client uses the same image for all three questions, there will be a drop in interactions.

  • Clients are able to auto advance the questions or use a “Next Question” button

  • The link featured in the second CTA can change depending on the subscriber’s choice

  • Rebelmail tracks all subscriber selections and interactions

Quiz Placement

The quiz can be used in a gamified-fashion like the example we discussed, or in the style of a survey. For example, place a style quiz (Do you like scarves, hats or shoes?) in an email campaign, lead them to relevant category pages based on their responses, and help subscribers think about the accessories that go with a new dress. You can also include the quiz in an abandoned cart or abandoned browse email to understand why a subscriber did not convert.

The quiz is also a phenomenal addition to a brand’s onboarding or welcome series. Use the quiz to understand a subscriber’s interests—what they are shopping for, budget, travel interests, etc. Brands can use the results of the quiz module to personalize the next set of email campaigns in a series.

The quiz module is easy to set up through the builder or our API. Have a great use case for the quiz? Want to see a demo of the quiz module? Drop us a line at

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Introducing Johnny and Derek

Say hello to the newest members of the Rebelmail team, Johnny Mejias and Derek Jacobi.


Johnny is from La Isla del Encanto, otherwise known as Puerto Rico. He's been a software architect for six years and comes to us from CometaWorks. When he's not reinventing email, he's playing tennis or getting lost in the world of DarkSouls 3. It's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle.

You can follow Johnny on twitter.

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Derek graduated from Penn State University (#WeAre) in 2015. He was previously the sole developer at Bar & Club Stats Inc, but now, he's excited to bring interactive emails to life at Rebelmail.

He loves fishing and boating.

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