Rebel Shop Enterprise and Rebel Raise

In September we announced our most advanced product to date, Rebel Shop, which enabled in email checkout for ecommerce. Today we are thrilled to bring Rebel Shop to our enterprise customers.

With Rebel Shop for enterprise, we’re able to finally bring end-to-end checkout into the inbox for brands at scale. Rebel Mail reduces the number of steps it takes for a customer to act, and Rebel Shop takes that one step further with the enablement of true one-click checkout in-email.

Brands on enterprise commerce platforms like Salesforce commerce cloud, Hybris or others can access this functionality today.

We feel this frictionless purchase experience is best embedded where a customer has indicated a high level of interest in a product. To that end we are partnering with the best in class email and triggered email providers to embed Rebel Shop into existing abandoned cart, browse and other behavioral emails.

Today we are also grateful to welcome Courtside VC, Sinai VC, Carsten Thoma (Founder of Hybris),Wisdom VC, Clark Valberg (Invision founder) and an early employee at Demandware to the Rebellion as investors in our last round of funding. Carsten comes with remarkable ecommerce experience having built Hybris into the ecommerce platform it is today. We are especially excited to have his support in bringing Rebel shop to market.

Rebel Shop

Turn your emails into a shop

We’re always amazed by the power of email in driving commerce. Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. Devices and consumer behavior have evolved rapidly over the years, yet email has remained largely static. More customers open their email on mobile devices which means there’s more friction and lower conversion when you drive users to an app or site.

With Rebel Shop, we’re able to finally bring end-to-end checkout into the inbox. Rebel Mail is about reducing a customer’s friction to action in an email, Rebel Shop takes that one step further with true one-click checkout in-email.


There is no place on the internet where security is more important than when dealing with payments. When you are bringing payments to a new platform you need to be especially careful. Your email address is the key to your identity online, it's where your password reset emails go and all of your purchasing receipts. The inbox is already one of the most secure places for an individual's information on the internet, but to provide our customers the most secure experience we've implemented a number of security features in addition to being fully PCI compliant.

Get Started

Rebel Shop integrates with your existing commerce platform and email service provider. Have a store on Shopify? Install our Shopify App today.

If you are on another ecommerce platform sign up for a demo of our enterprise solution for Demandware, Hybris, ATG and custom solutions.


We’re partnering with the top email service providers to integrate to deliver RebelShop enabled emails to your customers inbox. If you are an ESP or commerce platform and you’d like to bring RebelShop functionality to your customers, email us at

Dropping the ‘mail'; Say hello to Rebel

Two years ago we launched Rebelmail with the goal of reducing friction by blurring the lines between the inbox and the web/applications. Our first product allowed marketers to build and send their customers quizzes, add to cart experiences and more that function completely within emails. Next, we launched our API to allow developers to turn emails into a surface for their applications. To date, we’ve sent hundreds of millions of emails with truly immersive interactivity.

Our goal remains to empower our users to change the way they engage with their customers. To help us do this, we are changing our name to Rebel. Rebel better represents our company ethos, approaching problems with humility and ingenuity, without regard for the status quo.

Our new home online is
With the new name comes the launch of our most advanced product yet Rebel Shop Read more on our blog

Announcing Rebelmail

Today we are beyond excited to launch Rebelmail. Rebelmail allows brands large and small to build and send truly interactive emails to their customers.

Interactive emails allow users to take immediate action in-email, considerably reducing friction. Our emails have resulted in a huge boost in email engagement for our pilot brands, particularly on mobile devices.


Our first emails feature elements like photo galleries and dropdowns. These allow users to learn about products, select options (size,color, or quantity ) and add a product directly to their cart, within an email.

We track every interaction a user has with our emails.

Beyond Opens and Clicks

Opens and clicks have been the top level metrics for email performance since the inception of email marketing. With interactive email we’ve unlocked a trove of new engagement data that has proven invaluable to our customers. We track every interaction a user has with our emails. Every photo viewed in a gallery and every dropdown used is recorded and surfaced in realtime to better inform future marketing decisions.

These stats can be consumed via our new analytics dashboard or our API to pull metrics into an existing business intelligence or CRM tool.


The future of email

We take much of these features for granted on the web and we at Rebelmail are excited to bring email into the future. We’re starting with powerful templates for commerce in-email but we’re already working with brands on templates with functionality we never thought possible inside of emails.

I am so grateful to team Rebelmail for the countless hours and love put into this product. One of our customers told us we empowered him to deliver magical experiences to his customers and some have even accused us of witchcraft :)

Its been many long nights playing with old Blackberries and slaving over Lotus Notes in the device lab. I know we are all excited to unleash this magic to the world.

Email client support

Email clients are fickle and render the same email differently. We’ve worked to ensure our interactive emails work on as many clients as possible and degrade elegantly to a static fallback in clients that do not yet support interactivity. Around 70% of emails globally are opened on clients that support our interactivity. Read more on client support here.

Keep your ESP

Rebelmail sits on top of some of the best ESPs in the world. We are already sending emails for brands through ExactTarget, SailThru, SendGrid, Mandrill and others. You can continue using your existing tool and maintain your sender reputation and deliverability score.

Get Started

We are finalizing partners for Q1 and excited to work with brands who would like to empower their customers to act quicker and engage with their users in new ways.

Request access to the product on our site or email with any questions.