New @ Rebel: Tool Tips

Every week, we're highlighting some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're sharing the benefits of helper text and tooltips.

If you see a search input on a website you understand what to do immediately. You type in your search term, press enter, and expect your results.

If you see a search input in an email, however, you understand that it is not a true search. In a static experience, it is a CTA that will take you out of the inbox and to the search input on the website.

Interactivity brings the web experience to the inbox, but subscribers have been trained to believe that email elements are image buttons that lead to the website!

One way to train subscribers to interact with an email's expanded functionality is through a tooltip.

A tooltip is a message that appears when a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, or other element in a graphical user interface.

Tooltips boost interaction rate by 20%-60%. Add tooltips to your Rebel email with copy, CSS animation, or gifs.


Use visible, well placed instructional copy to call out interactive elements. This brand uses the image of hotspot in the header.


Animation & Gifs


The animation above the search box clarifies that the element is actionable.


You can use text and imagery as tooltips. Bring your personality to the experience!

Remember that email has been static for about 20 years. Subscribers are going to need a little hand holding to acclimate to the new status quo.

Campaign Spotlight: The Invite

Every week, we're highlighting some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're sharing the interactive invite experience .

Our partners at Cordial wanted to host the ultimate summer soirée.

And party planning is all in the details, so they came to Rebel with a question: was it possible to create an interactive invite?

We worked with Cordial team to allow subscribers to RSVP and select their favorite summer beverage without leaving the inbox.

Check out the experience here:

RSVP in your email, spend less time on your phone, and more time in the sun with your favorite #emailgeeks.

Credit: BravoTV

New @ Rebel: NPS Survey

Every week, we're highlighting some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're introducing the new NPS solution.

Creator: Rebel Team

Desktop view

How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? The NPS survey is a powerful tool to understand how you’re performing and how you can improve. It is good email practice to send out an NPS survey as part of a behavioral trigger campaign.

Most NPS emails will take the subscriber out of the email and have them complete the survey on a website or in-app. Our new NPS survey product will allow your subscribers to complete the survey within the email, increasing completions. Even better, you can include customized follow up questions based on the selected score.

We’ve seen in-email review forms double completion rate! We hope to recreate those awesome results with our new NPS survey product.

Mobile View

Rebel Shop Enterprise and Rebel Raise

In September we announced our most advanced product to date, Rebel Shop, which enabled in email checkout for ecommerce. Today we are thrilled to bring Rebel Shop to our enterprise customers.

With Rebel Shop for enterprise, we’re able to finally bring end-to-end checkout into the inbox for brands at scale. Rebel Mail reduces the number of steps it takes for a customer to act, and Rebel Shop takes that one step further with the enablement of true one-click checkout in-email.

Brands on enterprise commerce platforms like Salesforce commerce cloud, Hybris or others can access this functionality today.

We feel this frictionless purchase experience is best embedded where a customer has indicated a high level of interest in a product. To that end we are partnering with the best in class email and triggered email providers to embed Rebel Shop into existing abandoned cart, browse and other behavioral emails.

Today we are also grateful to welcome Courtside VC, Sinai VC, Carsten Thoma (Founder of Hybris),Wisdom VC, Clark Valberg (Invision founder) and an early employee at Demandware to the Rebellion as investors in our last round of funding. Carsten comes with remarkable ecommerce experience having built Hybris into the ecommerce platform it is today. We are especially excited to have his support in bringing Rebel shop to market.

Campaign Spotlight: Gamification

Every week, we're highlighting some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're featuring gamification campaigns.

Creator: Multiple Customers

Interactivity can increase conversions, improve customer experience and collect in-email customer data. Some of our favorite examples of Rebel in the wild, however, are about bringing a sense of play into email.

Gamification campaigns increase a subscriber’s engagement with a brand. These campaigns have an interaction rate between 10% - 17%. Gamification ideas include “easter egg” campaigns to highlight secret promos, like the below example:


Gamification promotional campaigns are also a fun enhancement for holiday. This example shows a interactivity can highlight gift ideas.


Rebel collects all the email interactions, making the games an implicit data collection tool. Emails never have to be boring.